This summer we have had beautiful weather and we took advantage of the fine conditions to extend the area covered by solar panels on our main facility in Minden-Dützen so that now the entire roof is covered.

Sustainability has been overshadowed during the last months of the pandemic, but must not be taken from the agenda.  The solar panels on the roofs of our factory permit us to be completely energy self-sufficient during the midday period on a sunny summer day. This further reduces our carbon footprint and we are proud to be able to contribute to the preservation of our environment.

We are pleased that even after returning from summer holidays, the Covid-19 pandemic has not had any negative effect on the health of our staff members. This means that our full production capacity is available to you, with strict health protection measures remaining in place.

Our product development team is working on a variety of innovative products, our supply chain team is changing internal processes and thinking of ways to extend them so that they link smoothly with processes inside your production. We would like to expand our service for you – please contact us to arrange a joint meeting aimed at optimizing the inegration of our processes.

Our sales team are enthusiastic at having the opportunity to renew contacts with you, either by video conference or – wherever possible – with personal meetings. Hopefully during the next months the possibilities to meet in person will steadily expand. Regardless of whatever restrictions may apply, our sales team will be in touch to present to you new products designed to meet the requirements of a market that is rapidly changing. Looking forward to good and strengthened co-opearation!

Wishing you good health and good fortune!

Renate and Sönke Schlüter