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All LEHMANN RFID systems feature a harmonized and intuitive programming logic. Basic functions of the lock can be operated immediately after fitting a battery;  all functions can be programmed after installation.

Below you will find an overview of the different transponder and RFID cards for programming the RFID system. For more information on configuring the RFID systems with the LMS management software, click here.

You can find much more information about the respective RFID systems in operating instructions. To see the operating instructions, please click here.


The installation card is a universal card used to open and close the lock throughout your supply chain up until the point of handover to the client. Installation cards will work with any lock which has not been assigned to a Master Card without any programming required. After a master card has been programmed for the first time, use of the installation card to operate the lock is disabled.



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Master Card

To prepare the lock for use, a master card must be programmed for both operating modes. The master card is required for starting and terminating programming operations. This also includes the programming of user cards in “Assigned use“ mode. The master card also enables the so-called Facility Manager function and the emergency opening of the lock. A maximum of one master card can be programmed per lock. You can use one master card for several locks.


Irrespective of the desired operating mode, a master card must always be programmed before further programming and operation. Only one master card can be programmed per lock! The programming of the master card can be carried out when the lock is closed as well as when it is open. If the lock is closed after the master card has been programmed, the next step must be an emergency opening. The locking system is in “assigned use“ mode after the master card has been programmed. If you would like to use the lock in “shared use“ mode, the next thing to do is to change the operating mode.


In the event that an authorised person only briefly wants to check whether for example a cabinet is actually occupied, the lock can be opened with the master card. With this function, the lock opens for 30 seconds and then closes automatically. After this automatic closure, authorized user cards can continue to be used in “shared use“ mode as well as in “assigned use“ mode. The last 5 seconds before closing are indicated by optical and acoustic signals.


In the event that one or all authorized user cards are currently unavailable, an emergency opening can be effected with the master card. Please note that the lock remains open after emergency opening. In the “shared use“ mode, the previously used user card is blocked after emergency opening, and can no longer be used. In “assigned use“ mode, user cards can continue to be used normally. Programmed transponders can continue to be used normally after emergency opening in assigned use.

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Service Card

In addition to the master card, you receive a card with an individual service key. The printed service key allows you to reorder your master card. It is not possible to reorder a master card without a service key. This card has no electronic function.

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User card

User cards are used to open and close the lock. In “Assigned use“ mode, up to 250 user cards can be programmed on one lock. In “Shared use“ mode, one user card can be used temporarily on one lock. It is possible to program one user card on several locks in “Assigned use“ mode, and at the same time on one lock in “Shared use“ mode.

After programming, the user cards can open and close the lock.

ATTENTION: Third-party transponders must be checked in advance for compatibility and range.


Programming User Cards

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P1: Mode (Change of Mode)

The lock has two modes: “assigned use“ and “shared use“. When the lock is open, you have the option of changing the mode.

P2: Sound (Activating or Deactivating Acoustic Signals)

Acoustic signalling is activated when the system is delivered. You have the option of deactivating the acoustic signals with the aid of the master card and the programming card No. 2 (P2: Sound). For this, the lock must be open. It is recommended that the acoustic signals should only be deactivated if the RFID reader with the LED is mounted outside the item of furniture. Otherwise, neither visual nor acoustic signals are passed on to the users, making programming and possibly also operation difficult.

Please note that the acoustic signals for the battery warning and for changing the operating mode cannot be deactivated.

P4: Auto Locking

The universal programming card "P4: Auto Locking" can only be used in the operating mode " assigned use“. It is activated in conjunction with the master card. After opening the lock with a programmed transponder in “assigned use “ mode, the lock closes automatically after 5 seconds after activation of this function.


The lock must be in the open state for programming.

Carry out all programming procedures and function checks with the locker door open. In the event of a malfunction, you will always have access to all components.

Programming when the "automatic closing" function is activated.

If the 'automatic closing' function is activated, hold the master card in front of the lock immediately after opening to start programming operations. Otherwise the lock locks automatically after 5 seconds. Programming incl. programming of transponders is only possible when the lock is open.

Programming P1: MODE - P2: SOUND - P4: AUTO LOCKING


If a reset to factory settings is required, all master and user cards are deleted. With an installation card the basic functions (close and open) can be carried out. The bolt is retracted, and the lock must be reprogrammed with a master card.

Resetting to factory settings

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