LEHMANN + VITRIS - bringing glass into perfect motion

The leading manufacturer of glass-sliding door hardware, VITRIS Germany and LEHMANN Germany have now expanded their 20 year long history of technical co-operation by concluding an agreement which transfers the exclusive sales rights for VITRIS products in the China market to SHANGHAI LEHMANN.

SHANGHAI LEHMANN now holds stock of VITRIS glass-sliding door systems at their Shanghai logistics platform and process VITRIS products according to individual customer specification, providing Asia-Pacific customers with fast delivery of individualized, made-to-measure sets for their application.

This means that Asia-Pacific customers can now purchase the best glass-sliding door hardware solutions in the world right here in the region, cut to measure and customized to their individual personal needs - and expect the same standard of quality as a German customer receives from the VITRIS factory. Installation service throughout the region by qualified LEHMANN market partners is available on request.

Discover more about bringing glass into perfect motion!

S Series

Superior glass sliding door solution for perfection in displays and showcases for contemporary residential furniture, retail displays and shop interiors as well as museums. If it is worth being displayed – then it is worth Supra!

Wherever items of value are displayed, Supra provides the answer with a modular component system which features unrivalled long-term function, easy installation, clean design and first-rate security. Supra can be used for glass thickness 4 to 8 mm and sash weights of up to 50 kg.

PT60 Series

The inspirational solution which brings glass sliding doors into perfect motion in residential or light commercial applications. Experience the fusion of superior technical function with light and airy design and you will appreciate the value that Portavant 60 will add to your property!

A sleek and compact profile (which can be attached to the wall or ceiling) which moves a sliding glass door of up to 60 kg weight – Portavant 60 is silent, smooth and safe, with comfort-stop brake action in both opening and closing directions. For use with or without a sidelight and even as Twinline double-action glass sliding door version.

PT150 Series

The perfect solution for all ceiling-mounted glass sliding doors. Experience the sensation of natural light passing through a large interior expanse of glass, creating a spacious and airy feel deep inside the building – with sliding doors which appear to float open and closed with Multiline 150!

Featuring strength, convenience and superior function, the Portavant 150 technology is integrated into a sleek and compact profile, which is installed under the ceiling and can even be recessed into the ceiling. Door weights of up to 150 kg can be handled by Portavant 150.

PT150M Series

The latest in innovative glass-sliding door technology from VITRIS, with breathtaking capability to move a wall of glass at the flick of a wrist. A large area can be easily divided by a sliding wall of glass, a synthesis of design and flexibility which creates new possibilities for interior architecture!

A multichannel track system is at the heart of Portavant 150 Multiline. Up to 5 glass panels can be moved at the same time and stacked one behind the other in compact, space-saving manner. Contact us to discover what you can achieve with Portavant 150 Multiline.